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Outreach & Partnerships

Outreach Program Development and Review

Know that you should be in the business of Outreach, but don’t have a clue where to even start?


✓ Check.

Let us take one of the reins. Building a program on a solid foundation, complete with principles and processes, is key. EDUgrower’s team of experts has the personal experience to construct an Outreach Program from scratch. Don’t feel self-conscious; we’ve been in your shoes, and know how to go from “zero” to “brand-new department” in a matter of months. We’ll help you every step of the development way, from developing customized corporate cohort and training offerings to incorporating a robust Career Advising aspect, and everything in between. We’ll set your school on the path to meet your long-term goals with a best in class Outreach Program.

Partnership Cultivation

Looking for resources to jump-start an Outreach Program and attain partnerships in the Corporate and Higher Education/Articulation space?


✓ Check.

Starting with the get-to-know-you relationship stage and developing rapport to transform those relationships into long-standing partnerships for your school, we’ll source local and national organizations seeking to partner with institutions of learning to meet their operational goals. We like to think of ourselves as a matchmaker in connecting you to these organizations. The result is a win-win strategic partnership for both parties.

Value Proposition, Service, and Staffing Alignment

What if you have the framework of an Outreach Program in place, but are at a crossroads trying to put all piece together?


✓ Check.

So you’re on the right track already…great! We’ll link up with you to get you over the hump. We’ll start by defining a comprehensive Value Proposition, which will serve as the cornerstone of all the services you’ll ultimately provide to your partners. Then, we’ll assign a pricing structure that is in the “sweet spot” of both aligning with your Value Proposition and staying marketplace-competitive.  Why trust us with these important building blocks? EDUGrowers has a proven track record of viewing the market and education industry from an objective, macro-level vantage point.  Through this lens, we are able to help your institution of learning become well-positioned to take advantage of industry shifts, and also help you get the right staff on board to ensure future growth.

Team Effectiveness & Leadership Development

Roles, Responsibilities, & Accountabilities (or RRA's)

Let’s start at the very beginning…does each member of your team know what their purpose is?


✓ Check.

We’re not trying to be funny, or put you on the spot…but the fact of the matter is that it’s often the most fundamental, primal aspect of team effectiveness that goes overlooked.  If you asked each team member in your organization or department what Role they play within the organization; what Responsibilities come along with that role; and what, exactly, they are Accountable for; how many of the answers would align with your expectations?  EDUGrowers’ proven RRA process will clearly define your team members’ Roles, Responsibilities, and Accountabilities.  This process will not only get your team operating on a path filled with purpose, but also set a strong foundation upon which to build new initiatives for growth.

Organizational Leadership and Performance Coaching

We all understand that introducing new ideas and departments to an academic institution is not something that can happen in a silo; how do we cultivate a leadership team to work cross-functionally and serve as our advocates?


✓ Check.

Developing your organization’s individuals across several areas is critical to leadership success. This means individual performers not only need to be leaders in their own roles and departments, but also contribute to the overarching leadership team and within the context of the organization as a whole. Achieving this leadership trifecta is imperative for growth and cross-departmental buy-in of new endeavors. EDUGrowers has mastered the art of achieving the proper alignment of leaders, which is a cornerstone to group success. Because after all, when leaders are working toward a common goal, everyone succeeds.

Team Training and Alignment

Okay; I have leadership backing and the buy-in of our high-level educational administrators…how do I get the rest of the team on board?


✓ Check.

We like to call this the “trickle effect”. On one hand, kudos! You have a group of leaders working toward a common goal; your first step is complete. Now, how to go about getting all staff – from Academic Advisors to Admissions to your own newly-budding Outreach Team to follow suite and operate as a well-oiled, cohesive, value-sharing machine? Thanks to decades of hands-on experience, EDUGrowers knows how to develop a team where every member not only understands the overarching goals, but has total commitment in fulfilling their part of the process. The positive effect on work environment and culture is tangible when all team members align and work together. Let us help you get to this point.

Process & Systems Alignments

Client Relationship Management Systems (CRM)

I’m at the point where my team is in place, and I’m ready to move forward…how do I make sure we’re taking an organized approach with our education partner records – whether they’re a prospective or current partner?


✓ Check.

To properly service both prospective and existing accounts, a Client Relationship Management System (CRM) is absolutely necessary. This may seem like corporate world / business jargon, but we’ll bet that your academic institution utilizes a form of “CRM” already, for tracking all of your students. Right? Maybe it’s called something different, but the fact of the matter is, when you initiate any type of Outreach Department within your institution, tracking all activity for all prospective and current partners becomes crucial to building successes. Furthermore, CRMs support proper customer service to your partner by documenting and archiving all activity within an account. This means that all employees with CRM access are able to review the account history and documentation in real time (and add their own updates as they occur). EDUGrowers is proficient in the establishing – and subsequent training – of a CRM system. We’ll help you implement this one-stop shop to keep you organized and on track as your team grows.

Metrics and Measures

It’s a given that every team needs to have a system for tracking personnel success; where do I start with a brand-new department?


✓ Check.

Although perhaps not the most pleasant project to undertake, you’ve got to implement metrics and quantifiable measurements in order to objectively measure aspects of team success. Standardized metrics help to avoid ambiguity or subjectivity of an expected outcome. Such measurements are clear and concise, and can be associated with daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly goals. Helping managers and employees to understand the benefits of metric measures – and how they are used to attain a common goal –  is critical in an organization’s drive to tangible and desired results. Our group is especially proficient in establishing such measurements within educational institutions…let us show you how!


So…how do we then go about capturing data – from enrollment increases to employee performance to partnership wins – in report formats?


✓ Check.

It’s no secret that reporting is essential to tracking and measuring desired outcomes versus actual outcomes. Capturing such black and white information is critical to helping your institution track activity in the present; compare against yearly goals; and then make appropriate adjustments to get back on track. EDUGrowers will show you how monitoring daily, weekly, quarterly, and yearly results can also help to identify bottlenecks in a process, which can be addressed to help move business forward.

Our Group’s ultimate goal is to work in tandem with your organization to bring your ideas to fruition; add in our own suggestions; and ultimately create an environment of growth